Our client engagement models are designed to offer the most client-specific service at all times. It factors in the components that make clients’ requests unique.

Fixed Price Model

This model is appropriate for projects with a well-delineated scope, management methodologies, a set list of requirements, and clear process of technicality before the start of the project. Reasons to adopt this model include:

  • Working within a fixed monthly
  • Keeping tab on project costs
  • To outline a timeline for project completion
  • Ensuring on-time delivery
  • To stay focused on the scope of the project

Time Model

This model is ideal for projects that are designed to evolve as they progress, or start without a firm run-down of the scope, specifications, and guideline of implementation. This model helps in:

  • Adjusting the team size to match the project requirements
  • Staying fluid and adopting the best direction at any point in time
  • Better navigating through upcoming challenges
  • Achieving more control over the product’s development process

Development Center

This model permits you to have us designate a team best suited for your project that works as your exclusive offshore team. Regular communication would be between your designated project head and our account manager to ensure that the project proceeds seamlessly. Core reasons to adopt this model include:

  • Gaining high cost benefits
  • To generate maximum ROI
  • To enable easier transfer of ideas potent enough to create terrific solutions
  • Getting faster results

Hybrid Development Center

In this model, we deploy a lead consultant to your location who will be the link between your in-house team and our team for the duration of the project. You will be able to:

  • Gain quicker results because of the robust knowledge pool.
  • Make considerable time savings drafting and exchanging lengthy documents.
  • Reduce time and effort that would be used in communicating electronically.
  • Increase efficiency by having our on-site consultant manage urgent tasks running on close deadlines.