Mobile devices are everywhere. If you are not targeting mobile devices, you are losing on a lot of business. It is important for a website or web application to extend its accessibility beyond desktop versions to responsive mobile designs. We undertake responsive mobile designs from the scratch as well as remodel a design to become responsive.

At MAH Software, we believe the app market is still viable enough to house your big idea, and we are available to transform that idea to the next big thing. Be it a simple mobile application for your business that is an extension for increased accessibility, or a mobile app that is revolutionary. We develop mobile apps for the iPad, iPhone and the Android operating system. We don’t stop at just developing your mobile app, we go on to optimize your apps for all arrays of supported devices, and integrate them with enterprise applications like Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter and more.

The world is virtually living on mobile devices today. Every successful website or application has extended itself beyond desktop versions to responsive mobile designs. As for the app market, it is hotter than ever and will continue to rise. Our mobile applications service is focused singularly on bringing your customer to you even through their mobile phones, expanding the avenues for them to discover your brand. We develop mobile apps for iPad, iPhone, Android and hybrid versions. We can optimise your apps for all arrays of devices out there and even integrate them with enterprise applications like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and such.

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  • Client: Client is a Biomedical Engineer and has been working with a reputed Hospital in the U.S. since eight years.
  • Project Objective: The main purpose of this application was to help professionals in the biomedical field to communicate and build up their network. To achieve this, client wanted to have an online forum community for biomedical professionals wherein they could view forums, have equipment troubleshooting chat, post jobs, search jobs and could apply for the jobs. Client wanted to have a sounded and non-sounded notification system in the app, which could notify user whenever someone posts a message related to his field of specialty, comments on his thread or someone sends him a message.
  • Challenges:
    • To Implement sounded and non-sounded notifications
    • To provide custom design
  • Solution: We proposed a solution to have a mobile application which will not only let the users to view forums, search job, have troubleshoot chat; but would also allow them to have their profile wherein they can add their personal information along with profile photo, friends list, option to add threads to their favourite list, option to add images and videos in troubleshoot chat. In addition to this, an option of applying for jobs via email and phone was provided to users.
  • Technology Used:
    • Xcode
    • Objective C
    • Android SDK
    • PHP
    • MYSQL
    • JQUERY
    • HTML/CSS

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